If Bill Gates Were Black… (Nigerian)

I am sure we all know William Henry “Bill” Gates III and if you don’t, I wonder which side of earth you hail from. Anyways, Bill Gates is the second richest man on earth thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where he channels he’s money, time and efforts else he will be the richest man on earth. Some guy  Brad Templeton took out time to analyse how much this guy is really worth and he’s calculation are now even outdated because currently, Gates is worth $61 Billion according to Forbes compared to $55 billion in 1998. According to Templeton, Bill could pay Michael Jordan’s 1997 salary only 1300 times, and that he could buy 902 million subscriptions to TV guide. He’s also fascinated by how much all this money would be if put into dollar bills. Laid end to end, the Bills (Notes) would stretch 3.8 million miles — to the moon and back over 8 times. They could paper over all of Manhattan 7 times, or be stacked 2,690 miles high — watch out for satellites. They would weigh 40,000 tons — 100 times the weight of one of those 747s he owns. But this post ain’t about Bill Gates money, I just wanted to paint a picture of the guy we’re talking about here for my friends who haven’t heard of him but know D’Banj and thinks he is rich (LOL).

But just take a deep breath, come back to reality and stop the day dreaming. Just imagine Mr Gates was a Black Man! Would he have the money he has now, would he live where he is now and lets even narrow it a little, imagine he was Nigerian! Would he live in Lagos or Abuja or Sokoto? What church will he attend? Redeem (RCCG), Winners (Living Faith), The Mountain (Mountain of Fire), CAC, Catholic, Dunamis, COZA, White Garment, Olumba Olumba and the million others? What tribe would he belong to? Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba, Calabar, Fulani? How many wives and kids do you think he will maintain (In and Outside Wedlock)? I am not saying he wont be where he is today if were to be black but it is worth a thought. Here is the post I read that Inspired this post


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