Degree Vs Certifications

When I say degree, I mean the normal BSc, BEng, MSc and so on; and when I say certifications, I mean MCITP, CCNA, CCND, CCSP, and WXYZ (lol). To be honest, I am beginning to wonder if the need for a university degree especially in any technology related field is absolutely necessary. I go for a job interview and I’m told my degree is irrelevant because I don’t have certain certifications. Meanwhile with a copious amount of cash definitely less than the ridiculous amount spent on acquiring degrees, one can enrol at firms where these certification courses are offered and KAPISHH! I’m good to go.

Employees want specific skills this days and it’s quite sad to discover the 3 / 4 / 5 years spent in that place called university to get some paper with your name written on it does not include the needed specific skills. I would be delighted to see that some of these certifications are integrated into the degree courses so going to university become worthwhile else I’m beginning to doubt the role of university degrees.

What do you think, please drop your comments.


5 Responses to “Degree Vs Certifications”

  1. Pardon me…who did the art work on this??

  2. Although without the path towards a degree, one can’t excel in certification….a level of education is require…tertiary education for emphasis, but not mandatory!
    Think abt the great men in various field especially Engineering n sciences…hw many has BSc BEng BBC CNN…etc???

  3. In my country the content of any degree doesn’t give birth τ̅☺ an inventor or innovator neither would any individual acquire skill from d classroom, although certification won’t give u either, but u would be pro efficient in diverse technologies, network deployment, database management, virtualization, programming, web designing etc… which would eventually bring out some creativity, possibly innovations and inventions, especially in the field of application development
    “Certification >>> degree”

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