Why The Nigerians Abroad Fear to Return Home

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Recently New York Times published an article about the increase of U.S. immigrants going back to their native countries to start-up their own businesses. It is fair to say over the past decade the countries grouped in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) have been fortunate to receive a brain-gain, as many of their best and brightest have seen their own countries as land of opportunities.

However, the case is quite different for Nigerians. Going back home at the moment isn’t the best option for most Nigerians studying or working abroad. Here are some reasons why;

Political Climate :- The political system back home is quite rubbish in all sincerity. Even though on papers it has that we practice democracy, the system is still polluted with corruption and lack of transparency. If politics is a dirty game, then the one in Nigeria is completely rotten!

Lack of infrastructure :-  52 years old! and Nigeria still can’t afford stable power supply. It is even difficult and expensive as it is running houses on generators talk more of a startup business. Some of the roads are nothing to write home about with road theft, rape, murder and accidents always occurring. Many Nigerians home and abroad have great ideas but are held back simply because the infrastructure isn’t there to turn their idea into a practicable business.

Out of touch with Nigeria :- If you’re a Nigerian in Diaspora, let me say to you that there is no place like home! Many Nigerians aspire to be entrepreneurs but will rather deal with the comfort of a 9 to 5 job rather than going back to Nigeria to deal with the headache. Some haven’t stepped back in the country for donkey years; some completely deny the country; some would rather stay in the mediocre of staying in an economy where you’re paid just exactly what is needed to survive, pay bills and nothing more than go back to the aspiration and ruggedness of becoming one’s own boss.

Notwithstanding, in the face of all this huddles lies boundless opportunities and I am one of those looking to take the risk and explore. Many Nigerians  have gone back and made a successful name for themselves. Nigeria is said to be the third fastest growing economy in the world behind Mongolia and China growing by leaps and bounds ripe for development. Yes there are difficulties! Yes the political system is rotten! Yes there are no good roads! Yes there is unstable power supply! and so on but as we all know, nothing good comes easy. You must be ready to pay the price for success.

The challenges of Nigeria should not discourage people in the Diasporas; it should in fact encourage us to transfer our skills to build up Nigeria because if we don’t, who else will?.  Do not wait for the gold rush to be over tap into Nigeria’s potential.

What are your thoughts on the issue. Please share your comments

Inspired by Chika Uwazie



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