7 Tips to Preserve Your Battery Life

Several times I hear people complain and moan on how s**t their battery life is especially my female folks. One time, I picked a girls phone and I was amazed the functions I saw running all at the same time. Enough blabbing, here are some simple technic that will help you save your battery life;

Turn off Your Wi-Fi – Some people actually think leaving wi-fi makes browsing the internet cheaper or faster. To an extent this is true if you have a wi-fi connection. If you don’t, just switch it off because your phone needs a lot of energy juice (battery life) to search for the nearest available signal and it will keep doing this as long as you leave your wi-fi on.

Turn off Bluetooth – Again just like the wi-fi, after transferring your photos, turn off the bluetooth function. The phone will keep searching for the nearest available bluetooth device if not turned off and that consumes battery life.

Deem your Screen Brightness – This is a common one, some people leave it at some extreme level like 70% – 80%. I personally take mine down to 0% on my Asus Transformer and my iPhone is down to about 20% and I still see the phone clearly. The brightness of the phone doesn’t make the phone any clearer, it only kills the battery life and turns your phone to a torchlight.

Switch off Push Notifications – Typical example are emails. Some people leave their email notifications on automatic syncing. My dear, this is lots of juice (battery)! I personally don’t use the iPhone to sync my emails because it drains my battery power; Instead, I use a blackberry specially dedicated to emails. If you can’t afford that option, put your phone on manual sync. Simple!

No Location Services – People usually leave this on so the phone can always track their movement. It means the phone keeps tracking you as you move and that is battery going down. Simply turn it off (you won’t get lost) or take off the location tracking apps on your phone.

Shorten Screen Timeout – The timeout setting on your phone determines how long your screen stay on from receiving its last input such as a touch. To save battery life, keep your screen timeout to the shortest time available.

Use Ring! Ring!! Not Vibrator! – I am guilty of this one. I prefer to keep my phone on vibrate because it makes less noise. This is bad on Mr Battery life so when possible keep phones on ringer tones and limit vibrate to private places.

So there you have it, if you want an increase in your phone battery life, follow this simple steps and see your juice sustain life for hours to even a day depending on the phone you use.

If I missed one or two tips, please drop them as comments as no one knows all!*wink


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