Intel Ivy Bridge!!?

Intel has just released its new processors, Ivy Bridge. Basically we want to make meaning of all these big big grammar (lol) on the internet about its micro-architecture technology, 22 nanometer, Tri-gate transistor technology, quad-core processors…

In simple man’s language, this is why there is big fuss about the new processors

  • Ivy Bridge processors are estimated to boost CPU performance by 20% with 20% less of the power from your present processors (sandy bridge).
  • Ivy Bridge processors are estimated up to a 30% increase in integrated GPU or graphics performance from Sandy Bridge.Ivy Bridge supports 4K resolution (4096 x 4096 pixels per monitor; High resolution monitors) and will feature as much as a 60 percent performance boost over the current-generation Sandy Bridge chips.

  • Ivy Bridge processors are 22nm (1nm equal to one billionth of a metre, way smaller than the human hair) and utilize 3-D transistors. The integration of the 3-D transistors according to Intel is why the processor can work on less energy consumption, lower voltages, and even less processing power.

In one single sentence, the new Ivy Bridge processor will offer better graphics performance, lower voltage i.e less heat, and greater processing power after all this is what we expect of our systems. Every other thing na jara!




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