Top 10 Countries in Africa with Fastest Internet Speeds

Image: MoroccoBoard

While Africa has some pretty impressive average internet speeds, the continent’s top country only managed to rank 77th on their list of 174 countries from around the world.

1. Ghana makes it into the top position for an African country with the average download speed being 4.78 Mbps. Ghana Telecom scored the highest with 5.57 Mbps, while Zain Communications Ltd scored the lowest with 1.69 Mbps.

2. Zimbabwe. Surprisingly, South Africa’s neighbour ranked 80th on the global scale, coming in second for the African continent with a download speed of 4.65 Mbp.

3. Kenya made it into the 84th position on the global list, with download speeds of 4.46 Mbps.

4. Libya with average download speed of 4.27 Mbps, the country is placed  86th on the global index.

5. Madagascar. The African island managed to beat out industry heavy-weights such as South Africa and Nigeria with a download speed of 4.25 Mbps, while still making it to number 87 on the entire list.

6. South Africa While many thought South Africa will be at the forefront of internet speeds on the continent, data has shown otherwise. The country only managed to make it into 114th position on the global scale.

7. Morocco. Only one position below South Africa, in both the African and global list, Morocco ranked 115th on the greater scale of internet download speeds, with an average of 2.84 Mbps.

8. Nigeria. Considered to be one of the fastest growing countries in terms of internet connectivity, surprisingly is in the 8th place, and 130th when compared to the rest of the world. The country’s average download speed was clocked at 2.41 Mbps, which is almost twice as slow when it’s compared to Ghana’s 4.78 Mbps. Netcom Africa Limited recorded the highest download speed with 22.47 Mbps while the slowest download speeds were recorded by Starcomms Limited (0.33 Mbps) and Swift Networks Limited (0.51 Mbps).

9. Rwanda. Only two places below Nigeria on the global index, Rwanda makes it into the second last position in Africa, with 2.15 Mbps.

10. Mozambique. The coastal country of Mozambique managed to make it into the last position on the list of the fastest download speeds in Africa, while sitting at 140th on the global index.

While the average internet speed around the globe is 10.26 Mbps (Megabits per second), Africa is still well below this. However, Africa is still developing and with recent rolling out of fiber cables, internet speed are bound to increase.



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