Facebook Do’s and Don’ts

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, mama and papa (because these days everyone is on Facebook even babalawo! (herbalist or native doctor), here are some do’s and don’t about using Facebook.

Use common sense when wall posting:- I know it’s not common but try! Don’t start having long discussions with Facebook’s wall; that’s Mr Zuckerberg made ‘messages’ or better still ‘chat’. You’ll look like a boob if you do. Wall posts should instead be used for well wishes and hellos. Also, try not to post anything too personal on a person’s wall. Remember, walls are public spaces.

Take it easy on the application invites:- Not everyone want to be your neighbor on FarmVille nor do they desire to join you on a hit in Cuba on Mob Wars. Only a people with minds functioning at six guinea pig power would spam all their friends with invites to silly Facebook Applications.

Use the right words when writing on someone else’s wall:- Avoid unnecessary comments and gossip. And check for spelling mistakes; please don’t kill us with your ‘bullets’ (or gbagaun!). Just think, “the whole world is viewing this so what kind of impression do I want to create?”

Limit your photos of yourself to a minimum:- Facebook is not Instagram neither is it your house album. (just remember those photos are stored at some server in some place and you have no clue what is been done with them!). Aside from that, too much photos taken of yourself by yourself, by holding the camera away from your face is not cool! Period! Gentleman and ladies are modest and discreet.

Keep the Relationship thing away: do not break up with a person through Facebook:- Only a real jagweeed (lol) would use Facebook’s relationship status feature to break up with their significant other. If you aren’t mature enough to look a person in the eyes and tell them it’s over, you weren’t mature enough to be in a relationship in the first place (ouch!).

Remove photos of yourself that could hunt you later:- Real gentleman or lady, shouldn’t have to worry about any incriminating photos of winding up on Facebook. However, if a photo of you in a compromising pose does slip by, ask the poster to take it down. At least remove the tag of you in the photo. Remember, the world is a small place and you never know where you’ll end up tomorrow.

Join Facebook Fan Pages with discretion:- The pages you choose to join, even as a joke, say a lot about you. Use sense and join pages that will add positively to your life like https://www.facebook.com/TekPee. Additionally, limit the number of pages you join.

Avoid “oversharing”; Keep personal things personal:- There is no need to post about your personal grooming habits, the regularity of your bowel movements, or why your boyfriend is such a jerk, or what time you’re going to bed. Post status updates on things that could edify others or things legitimate enough to care to know about your life. And of course don’t post things that will get in you trouble with your friends, your boss, or your mom!

A friend is better than 1000000 attachements:- The initial goal of Facebook was to connect friends but these days, that donesnt seem to be the case. Except you run a business which Facebook has separated with ‘Facebook Page’, only includes people to your network that truly are your friends. Don’t be afraid to ignore random people who try to befriend you.

Respond to people’s Facebook wall posts and messages politely:- It doesnt kill to respond to a post or message with a simple answer and also try to keep the response to within twenty-four hours. If you feel overwhelmed with Facebook messages, let others know you prefer to be contacted by e-mail which is the same thing to be honest.

Default rule: Apply the same courtesy, respect, and decorum you would in real life.:- When you get down to it, the same rules of orderliness that apply in the “real” world, apply to the online communities. When in doubt, simply remember to treat people in the exact same way you would expect them to treat you. That is the golden rule.

Credit: Brett McKay (from The Art of Manliness)

Missing any other rules? Share your suggestions in the comments!


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