The Angry Birds Enterprise

Rovio Entertainment, the company that developed the most stupid yet addictive game ‘Angry Birds’ announced its game has gone pass 1 Billion in downloads. The more interesting thing is that at the end of a video celebrating their first billion, they promised ‘more amazing things to come soon!’ Rumours out there have it that:-

  • Rovio is gearing up to float on the stock market. Rovio reported 2011 sales of $99 million (£61.2 million) and also reported a 64% profit margin for the year.  Rovio, have been valued at up to £5.5 billion just over two years since it launched its first hit.
  • Rovio is already expanding its brand to toys and playgrounds, and is taking the birds to the big screen. The first full-motion animated movie featuring the characters is in works and the short animations are YouTube hit already. The Hollywood film is to be released in 2015
  • Rovio wants to reveal the real reason why the birds are always angry in a full  52-episode TV series.
  • Theme parks; Rovio has already established an official Angry Birds theme park on its home ground of Finland. The company now aims to repeat the same in China, where Rovio has been actively expanding with official Angry Birds games and merchandise localized for the market.
  • And even more radically, Rovio is planning to release a game that isn’t an Angry Birds sequel.

Peter Vesterbacka, marketing chief of Rovio stated that they want to make Angry Birds a permanent part of pop culture just like Mario; ‘We’re just getting started’ he said.

Well, one can’t fault Rovio for milking a successful franchise for all it’s worth, but at what point will the Angry Birds start to decline?

source DailyMail


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