Church Service Includes Video Game

Image Credit: Exeter Cathedral

A British cathedral plans to incorporate a video game into worship services this Sunday. At the Exeter Cathedral in Devon, England, the congregation will collaboratively play the PS3 game Flower, passing the Sony controller around until the first level is completed.

The game, Flowers, allows players to guide a flower petal through environments that swing between the pastoral and the chaotic, and in doing so, cause the onscreen world to change. The developer  of the game, ThatGameCompany refers to the game as a “video game version of a poem.”

I think this church will be fun this Sunday!



2 Responses to “Church Service Includes Video Game”

  1. Lol! How random is that? If this becomes a regular thing it wil be even maybe get me back to church :D. Next game they can play is the new diablo. lol

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