Earth Is In Trouble According To Report From Space:

“We have only one planet. From here I can see humanity’s footprint,” Kuipers said in introducing the report. “From space, you see the forest fires, you see the air pollution, you see erosion.”

The report’s findings are sobering. “‘Business as usual’ projections estimate that we will need the equivalent of two planets by 2030 to meet our annual demands,” the report states.

“Natural capital – biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services – must be preserved, and, where necessary, restored as the foundation of human economies and societies.”

The report uses the “Living Planet Index,” which tracks, according to a WWF press release, “9,000 populations of more than 2,600 species.” According to the index, these species show a nearly 30 percent decrease since 1970, with the decline reaching 60 percent in the tropics.

Another report, “Earth’s Ecological Footprint,” shows that as biodiversity plummets, there is a soaring demand for resources. Humanity’s path, based on these reports, is not sustainable in the long run.

The Fund’s director general, Jim Leape, said in a press release, “We are living as if we have an extra planet at our disposal. We are using 50 percent more resources than the Earth can sustainably produce and unless we change course, that number will grow fast – by 2030 even two planets will not be enough.”

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