9 Entrepreneurial Values You Should Possess

My daily personal reading digest landed me on this post by Jeff Haden on Inc and I did not want to be selfish about it so I’m sharing it. The original post 9 Qualities of Remarkable Entrepreneurs speaks about qualities that make some entrepreneurs Good, Great and Remarkable. Below is a TeKPee summary version of the post;

1. Remarkable entrepreneurs are happy at making others successful:  They pride themselves in making others successful not just in enriching their pockets.

2. They never get tired of exploring: Remarkable entrepreneurs are not scared to take on new challenges. They have their calculated risks and forecasts in check and are ever ready to jump at the next big opportunity.

3. They don’t have a job, they just have a place (e.g office) where they go and make money off their hobbies: Remarkable entrepreneurs love what they do and so it comes natural. They find ways to have fun with what they do so they live the almost perfect ‘work/life’ balance.

4. They meet needs and solve problems: remarkable entrepreneurs look around them and try to meet the needs that haven’t been met. They find ways to make things easier or more fun. They’re constantly trying to solve one problem or the other by directly putting themselves in the position of their customers.

5. They challenge themselves: If you look at remarkable entrepreneurs, their drive to succeed is beyond feeding personal ego, they don’t give a damn what others might think of them; what matters the most is their own personal pursuit and believe to constantly challenge themselves, break grounds and reach new heights.

6. They don’t fear ‘HARD WORK’: why some succeed and others don’t, why some go certain distance and other go all the way, is the percentage of hard work involved. Some people just want the shortest method or route to making it big. Remarkable entrepreneurs believe in working HARD and not just any type of working hard, but working HARD on the right things; because there is working hard at something and there is working hard at nothing.

7. Money is a tool not an asset: I personally have never believed in the saying that the aim of business is to make money. Well, in my terms, I’ll say you’re a businessman not an entrepreneur. I define businessmen/women as those who just dive into anything (‘business’) to make money and entrepreneurs as those who seeks to go into a field of business not to make money but to actually impact lives. Remarkable entrepreneurs see money as a tool and not as an asset. Tool to help others succeed, to give to the less privilege etc. Those who see money as an asset think first to buy a big car, a big house, to sing their praises, to throw big parties etc.

8. They speak less and do more: I personally love this quality. I have heard and spoken with aspiring entrepreneurs who blow their own trumpet by calling themselves CEO or Founder. Some even go as far as making business cards. This is funny because they don’t even own a domain talk more of a website or product. Remarkable entrepreneurs reap the rewards of humility, asking questions, seeking advice,  recognizing and praising others…

9. They value Good name over silver and gold: I stole this from a bible verse where it says a good name is better than silver and gold. They recognize they have a name and dignity. They don’t just do business and make money loosing their values, it’s rather the other way round.

Have I missed something, or do you just want to add-on a quality, please feel free to drop your comments below.


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