10 Ways Facebook Will Rule Our Lives! Really?

With Facebook now loaded with cash, Good Gear Guide predicts that Facebook will rule our lives in the following way if it hasn’t already started;

1. Facebook Rules Relationships. Facebook already influence how we relate with each other either on personal or business basis. These relationships aren’t just an extension of the relationships we have in real life — more relationships are being created on, and staying exclusively on Facebook.

2. Facebook demands we use our real names on its site; so users cannot hide behind unreal names like bob, or ~++pRiNcEsS++~. Majority of the 900 million users on Facebook use their real name. It rules the way we display ourselves on the online world

3. With the new organ donation incentive, Facebook is now looking to take on the health sector. The new organ donor initiative allows people share their status as an organ donor on their Facebook Timeline.

4. Facebook is changing the way advertising is done on the internet, making adverts more personal and targeted. Facebook constantly bombards its users with super-targeted ads that feature their friends. The idea  is that people will take recommendations from their friends,  so if their friends are featured in an ad about something, they’re more likely to click. Although not yet a big hit in terms of finances, it still has a huge impact on people

5. Facebook with its average  users upload of 300 million photos per day, and its servers containing more than 100 billion photos, is now the best place to store memories. It is the best way to keep photo albums for loads of people who are not bothered what Facebook does with their photos. The new timeline feature only just added an extra spice to the picture madness. Now everyone wants to have the cutest ‘cover page’ on its timeline.

6. Facebook rules our privacy. Even though it gives you that chance to make some post public and some private, or allows you hide your date of birth or relationship status; thing is, you still enter that information into Facebook so they have it stored somewhere. Facebook in a tricky way  uses these data to advertise and will soon start making money off them. For example, whenever you “Like” something on the web, you give Facebook explicit permission to expose your data to that company, or product, or brand.

7. Thanks to Facebook and other technologies (such as texting, e-mail, Skype, and role-playing games), people no longer feel the need to communicate in a more typical human fashion — talking to each other, either on the phone or in real life. Facebook has completely switched what real socializing actually means.

8. Facebook Rules Zeitgeist. With the extensively large network that Facebook covers, it is easy to for Facebook to serve as a tool for political revolutions and social change. Facebook can use its large database in various other ways such as a Facebook phone or eBay type auction and so on.

9. Facebook to rule mobile. About half of its 900 million users access the site from a smartphone or tablet. Facebook yet do not have a proven strategy to make money off these but in coming years it will.

10. Facebook affects how business is run this days. Every year, millions of people will start their own business and Facebook will undoubtedly play a large role in many of these businesses. Not only will Facebook affect small business owners’ marketing and social networking strategies (it’s essentially free advertising), but it will also be where much of their customer base resides.

With all that said, do you really see these things happening? Share your thoughts as comments below.

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