‘My husband’s lovers harass me on phone’

A middle-aged woman, Toyin Akinode, has told an Oshodi Grade ‘B’ Customary Court that her husband’s girlfriends were always harassing her on the phone.

Toyin, who got married to her husband, Taiwo Akinode, in 2007 said different ladies sent threat messages to her phone and would sometimes call her to leave her husband alone for them or face the music.

She said, “My husband keeps numerous girlfriends and of late these ladies he flocks around with have been threatening and harassing me on the phone.

“They tell me that I should leave their man alone for them. I wonder why they have resorted to these, after all I have filed for a divorce. I urge this court to ask him to stop them from further intimidating me.”

Toyin, who described her husband as irresponsible, fetish and a wife beater prayed the court to order him to take responsibility for the upkeep of their two children.

She said, “Since I gave birth to our children I have been the one in charge of their feeding, schooling and general welfare.

“He shies away from his responsibilities. He would rather spend his earnings on alcohol and his numerous lovers.”

Taiwo however told the court that he was not an unfaithful husband. He said, “It is true that women are always around me. But I have no sexual relationship with them. They are my brother’s business associates not lovers as she thinks.

“As regards those disturbing her on the phone, I don’t know how far that is true. But, she should give me their numbers so that I can find out who they are.”

Taiwo added that his meagre salary made it difficult for him to meet his responsibilities as expected.

He said, “I earn N14, 000 monthly and I can’t steal or commit forgery because I want to satisfy somebody. I have been doing the best I can to cater for my children’s upkeep.”

The acting Court President, Mrs. R. I. Adetola, urged both parties to make the proper upbringing of their children a priority.

She subsequently adjourned the case till June 13 for further hearing.

Source: www.punchng.com



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