4 Tech Mistakes To Avoid As A Business Owner

You’re no IT person–you have a business to run!–but you can’t afford to get these technology decisions wrong.

1. Skip the anti-virus protection

Try as much as you can to go for the paid option of ant-virus. It is true there are some good ones that for free but it is wise if you don’t want issues with malware to go the safe option and buy a proper anti-virus software

2. Be ignorant  to latest tech trends

Try to keep up with the latest tech developments. By now, you should know about cloud computing, lighter laptops, and apps for staying connected with co-workers. Ignoring new technology is a sure way to miss out on innovations that may affect your business

3. Don’t read privacy policies before signing up

Before signing up for software solutions, it is advisable you read through the privacy policies. Make sure your data is kept private and that you have full control over them.

4. Let your phone be stolen

Try as much as you can not to lose your mobile phones. Especially if it’s the one you use to conduct business. This is dangerous as it could fall in the wrong hands and you could be ripped off a lot of things; your contacts, your money i.e access to your bank accounts etc. It is suggested you use mobile tracking softwares on your phones either by installing them or using security solutions that provide tracking service

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