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New App Tells You if You’re Ugly

If you’re interested in knowing how beautiful or ugly you are, there’s an app for that. The app scans a photo of you (or your friends) and gives a rating between 1 and 10 on the Ugly Scale. There are also sound effects and comments thrown in so beware if you come out as a […]

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Facebook Adds ‘Listen’ Button for Streaming Music Instantly

Facebook has again added a ‘Listen’ button to artiste page that lets you stream popular tracks of the artiste. The button is situated right beside the famous “Like” button and if clicked, asks if you’d like to start your streaming in either Spotify, MOG or Rdio. To grab a look at the new control in action, head to the […]

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Samsung ChatON App Now Available for Blackberry

ChatON, Samsung’s version of  BBM, except chatON is cross platform (can be used on other phones apart from samsung) which launched on Android in October, iOS in January, and on the web in February is now available for our BlackBerry phones. While BBM is limited to just blackberry owners, other mobile messaging services like whatsapp, […]

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