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See The 22 People That Will Benefit From Facebook’s Public Success [Gallery]

  Very Soon, Facebook will finally have it’s long awaited Initial Public Offering (IPO). When a company has an IPO, it offers a portion of its shares to the public on a stock exchange like the Nasdaq or the NYSE. This allows a private company to raise a ton of money in a very short period of […]

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Are You Ready To Witness The Biggest Tech IPO Ever?

In a few hours, Facebook shares will start trading at $38 placing it at a valuation of $104.12 billion according to a  confirmed release by the company. Facebook and its early shareholders will raise just over $16 billion in  much anticipated IPO. At  $104 billion valuation, Facebook will be worth more than any other tech IPO candidate […]

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Facebook’s IPO Roadshow : PHOTOS

The questions flying around in the air at Wall Street will be How much is Facebook really worth? Will Wall Street embrace the social network? Is founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg showing up at the roadshow? Is he going to wear a suit? For an answer to the last question, check out the latest photos of […]

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